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Young tourist with backpack standing on the edge of cliff at sunrise. Jebel Akhdar, Grand


   Is about SAR

Mysarlife is about creating a forum to bring the SAR volunteer community together for fun, social, business and philanthropic interactions. The campfire stories, rescues and epic failures are what make the volunteering experience memorable.

New members and people thinking about SAR will also find helpful

resources and information to assist with their decision to invest the time

or look for an easier volunteer gig.

Most people don't know how Search and Rescue functions: Unpaid people

risk life and limb to help complete strangers. SAR volunteers climb

cliffs, hike long distances, dive in cold water and search for sometimes

days and nights on one mission. Why do they volunteer? What is the motivation? is supported by volunteers and community members willing to put in a little extra time to elevate the SAR hero and their efforts.

ropes team litter_edited.jpg


Bring to light the SAR community efforts 

one volunteer at a time.


Create a convergence between SAR organizations and corporations around a philanthropic goal of evolving SAR as a business and volunteer-focused support.

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